Validation of a new road bridge project - 2014

Verification and validation of the detailed project of a new road bridge on Serio River with cycle and pedestrian lane.
ALBINO (BG) - Italy


Study for a revamping of jetty - ENI VERSALIS – Sarroch (Cagliari) - 2013

Study for the structural and maritime revamping of Sarroch jetty moorings. The analysis requested a feasibility study for the maritime requalification of two existing platforms to receive vessels with a bigger DWT than the current one (respectively from 6000 DWT to 9000 DWT and from 18000 DWT to 25000 DWT). The study allowed the issue of a technical specification for NDT investigations, useful to define the necessary parameters for the detailed design of the interventions concerning the structure requalification.


Maintenance specification High Speed Railway - Milan-Bologna - Italy - 2005-2012

Maintenances specifications documents of galleries, subways, overpasses, viaducts, embankment, services buildings, siphons, green works and Po River Bridge about T.A.V. – HIGH SPEED RAILWAY – (300 km/h) – section from Milan to Bologna (length 180 km) of Ralway line Milan – Naples.

Technical document preparation and training document presentation.



Validation of a new road bridge project with supervision assistance - 2012

Verification and validation of the detailed project with supervision assistance of a new road bridge on Recco River - Biagio Assereto Street.

National Road n. 1 Aurelia - RECCO (Genoa) - Italy


Subways testing assistance - High Speed Railway - Milan-Bologna - Italy - 2004

Testing assistance of four subways for the High Speed Train, Milan-Bologna section, with the preparation of the pre-test report for the organization of the loading phases and the final results interpretation report.

Subway SL01 under H.S.T. and two subways SLB6 under Melegnano Interconnection odd and even rails - San Zenone al Lambro (MI) - Load test performed with two locomotives E428 type 135 tons. and type MAK600D13 of 58 tons.

Subway SLC5 under Highway A1 - Lodi Vecchio (LO) - Load test performed with six 49 tons four-axle trucks each.

Pushing monolith subway SL03 under Historical Line Railway - San Zenone al Lambro (MI) - Load test performed with a stack of 392 steel billets for a total of 724 tons.


Steel and reinforced concrete decks - Viaducts Inverso and Grange - Turin - 2003

Detailed structural design of the steel and reinforced concrete decks with two lanes, continuous spans (about 400 m length) and different spans 35 m, 40 m and 60 m. Total length 2600 m.

Variant to National Road n. 23 del Sestriere in the section San Germano – Perosa Argentina.

Chisone Valley (Turin).

CUSTOMER: ESEDRA - Agenzia Torino 2006, XX Olimpic Winter Games.

Connections design of pedestrian steel bridge - 2000

Serio River - Villa d'Ogna - Seriana Valley - Bergamo - Italy

Project for the viaduct enlargement of a valley road

Detailed structural design of enlargement of the Provincial Road n. 14 by means of reinforced concrete piers anchored in rock and prefabricated pre-stressed reinforced concrete decks.

Nine spans for a total length about 100 m.

Sant'Omobono Terme - Bergamo - Italy.

Bridge extension project

Riso River - Pontenossa - Bergamo - Italy

Motorway exit shelter project

Ventimiglia (Imperia) - Italy

Arc stone pedestrian bridge restoration project

Pettola torrent - Valsecca - Imagna Valley - Bergamo - Italy

Design and construction supervision of the paving of the historic center

Bariano - Bergamo - Italy

Railway bridge project

Villoresi Canal - Castano Primo - Milan - Italy

Steel and reinforced concrete bridge project

Brembo River - San Giovanni Bianco - Bergamo - Italy


Supervision assistance for the construction of the third ring of the Giuseppe Meazza - San Siro Stadium - Milan on the occasion of the ITALIA90 World Football Cup.